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Letterpress for the people.

Business card sets for $300.

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Mohawk Paper logo in white on black.

We exclusively use one paper.

Crane's Crest, a Mohawk paper, is considered the standard for fine letterpress. From the Crane mill that began in 1770, it is tree-free, made from cotton, recyclable and compostable (once it's been appreciated and you've been complimented on your taste). The extraordinary softness and quality has made this Mohawk paper our exclusive choice for Piggyback cards since 2014.

We use dense black ink.

A crucial part of the Piggyback process, we use the darkest black ink on every card, to provide a sharp contrast on the white, cotton Crane's Crest paper. This provides a minimal, modern look, allowing your design to stand out.

We Piggyback to save you some bacon.

Most of the costs in printing letterpress cards is the setup. We gang up your order with others, Piggybacking them together, saving our customers hundreds of dollars on every order.

Open the file using Adobe Illustrator to design your card. Make sure to follow the guidelines within. Outline your type, save as a PDF, and upload below.

When your card design is ready,
upload your design file
by clicking here.

When your card design is ready,
upload your design file.

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