Does Piggyback print in colors besides black, or on different types of paper?

We only use dense black ink.

Exclusively using dense black ink allows us to offer our low pricing while keeping our Piggybackers' cards sharp with a classic contrast, and ensure uniformity in every print run. Our question to you is this: Do you really need colors besides black and white?*

We only use Crane's Crest by Mohawk, in Fluorescent White.
Crane's Crest by Mohawk is world-renowned as the highest quality, particularly superior for accepting pressure-based printing with a letterpress. This is excellent paper, thick and soft, from the 1770 mill that printed US currency.

Cotton paper makes up only 2% of paper produced in the world. It is highly sustainable, recyclable and compostable, provides an unmatched feel, and communicates quality with merely a touch.

*You may, depending on your brand design and guidelines. Is the answer really ever black and white?

For $300, I get a year's worth of cards. How many cards is that?

It's two hundred cards! 
As a visual reference, a deck of cards has 52, so imagine about four of those stacked up.

Does Piggyback print anything besides business cards?

Not today, no.

Though it is fair of you to ask, and many do. In your opinion, what else should Piggyback print? We thought about postcards, family/household stationery, or buckslips. Who knows.

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Will someone at Piggyback check my art file and make sure it is setup to letterpress beautifully?

You bet. We inspect every submitted art file with a (digital) magnifying glass.

It is crucial we ensure your art translates well to the physical press inked into paper. If anything flags that may compromise the quality, we let you know immediately and propose a solution. That said, spelling and accurate information is all you. :)

You can download our Template for Card Design by clicking here. Designs must be submitted in print-ready PDF form, created using Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator.

If you need any help, encouragement, or support in designing your cards, please email us at We got you!

Remember to outline your fonts!

When do I get my cards once I order?

Two to three weeks to shipping is our average turnaround.

Once a design is approved, you will be informed of each step of your order. Sometimes there will be minor refinements required in a design to take full advantage of the beauty of letterpress, so keep that in mind for the overall timing when making your order.

So a set of cards is $300 with free shipping. What additional costs or discounts should I know about? 

Potential Additional Costs

Sales tax, dog gone it

This can add anywhere from zero percent to ten percent, depending on where we ship.

Heavy ink areas (!!!)

Any art wider than quarter-inch (6mm) is considered heavy ink area. For this area to print as solid, consistent black, we run your cards through our letterpress multiple times. This is known as a "hit".

We charge $100 per additional hit, per side.

We will let you know upon reviewing your artwork if additional hits may be required to accomplish the printing of your design. For reference, if one side of your card was entirely black, three hits would be required.

Rush production or shipping

If you need it now, you need it now. We've been there. Like Push said, if you know, you know. Email us at and we'll get you squared away.

Potential Discounts


Active, enrolled students can receive a one-time discount of 10% off a set of cards. Just email us at and we'll explain the requirements.

Build a PigPen

If you have, say, a company with 6 employees who all need cards, that's a PigPen! Please email us at for more information.

Where are you located?

We started in New York, now we're in Minnesota, and our storefront is virtual ('coz it's the future).

Our offices and production studio are just west of beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota. Though we do not have a brick and mortar location, you can easily experience our products in real, actual life by simply ordering some samples. We'll send them right over!